Imports Program

WAFEX is Australia's leading importer of fresh flowers with an International supply base of quality focused growers and a sophisticated import logistics system which manages freight, quality and thorough cool-chain management.

With established clearance points and dedicated cool-chain infrastructure in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, WAFEX is able to provide national distribution of quality Roses, Carnations and assorted flowers for wholesalers and bouquet manufacturers throughout Australia.

WAFEX provides a 24 hour clearance service and all import shipments are quality checked and immediately force-air cooled to 3°C to remove any transit heat prior to prompt air despatch.

Through our strong relationship with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), WAFEX staff strictly adhere to all AQIS import protocols and work closely in conjunction with AQIS in broadening the range of flower varieties permitted into Australia.

The WAFEX range of imported flowers is focused on premium quality varieties catering to all wholesale distribution channels.

Corporate Responsibility

In selecting suppliers for our Import program, WAFEX ensures all our growers follow strict management policies in regard to worker welfare and environmentally safe growing techniques.

Many of our Import supplier’s already operate under audited welfare/environmental management programs for supply to their clients in the European Union.  These programs include Max Havelaar, Stichting Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), Flower Label Program (FLP) and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

The key areas of obtaining and maintaining these important certifications include:

  1. Employee Welfare.  Ensuring employee rights to unionize, basic wage, equal opportunities, no child labour and signed contracts.
  2. Health and Safety.  Safe working environment, medical facilities and first aid, to be provided by farms and supply of personnel protective equipment.
  3. Environment.  Reduction on use of Class 1 chemicals. Farms follow prescribed safety and storage conditions for handling chemical/fertilizers and aim at reduction of chemical/fertilizer usage through Integrated Crop management.
  4. Traceability.  Flowers should be traceable to the farm where it is grown – traceable to the plot and to the person using it.

In addition to operating the above audited programs, funds generated by Fair Trade programs have resulted in the following positive outcomes.

  • Water supply projects by issue of water holding containers and the building of weirs, pipelines in Magadarisho and Sanganano villages.
  • Building of male ward for Tengeru Government Hospital.  Supply of medical testing equipment to nearby dispensary.
  • Classroom construction in village schools.
  • Capacity building for workers in computer literacy, dress making.
  • Reforestation projects.
  • Training/awareness programs on HIV/AIDS.

Through regular farm visits and the development of close relationships with our key import suppliers, WAFEX will continue to ensure all our import products are produced under strict and independently audited social welfare and environmental management programs.