"Rose sales blossom in Sunshine to find cure" - Paula Maud, Brimbank Leader

Thursday, 26 May 2011

"Rose sales blossom in Sunshine to find cure" - Paula Maud, Brimbank Leader

Adrian Parsons of WAFEX picuted holding a bunch of roses

Roses could become the new daffodils, if a Sunshine man raising money for cystic fibrosis charities gets his way.

Flower wholesaler Adrian Parsons has created a pretty way to celebrate the annual 65 Roses Day, held this year on May 27.

For the week of May 22-30, $1 from every bunch of roses sold carrying a 65 Roses Day sticker will go towards cystic fibrosis organisations.

“It is a great organisation and an illness that a lot of the commun- ity doesn’t know about,” Mr Parsons said.

As director of Sunshine West flower firm Wafex, Mr Parsons came up with the fundraising idea after seeing an ad for 65 Roses Day on a train.

“Selling the branded flowers seemed like an obvious linkage,” he said.

It raised $20,000 last year when it was based primarily in Victoria. This year, dozens of firms across Australia are on board and hoping to raise $50,000.

The aim is to make it as big and recognisable as the Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day.

The phrase “65 Roses” started when a small boy in the 1950s used to tell people his sister had “65 roses” because he couldn’t pronounce cystic fibrosis.

It is the most common life-shortening disease among young people in Australia, affecting the lungs and digestive system.

There is no cure and sufferers each day must perform aggressive physiotherapy to clear their lungs and take more than 40 pills to help them digest their food.

Visit 65rosesday.org.au

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