"WAFEX launches premium sovereign" - WAFEX Media Release

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"WAFEX launches premium sovereign" - WAFEX Media Release

Image of white Icebreaker rose and woman. Caption reads "Bread Feeds the body but flowers feed the soul"Having identified the need to create a strong brand profile for its premium flower crops, WAFEX is proud to announce the launch of its Sovereign brand.

Set to become synonymous with quality and class, the Sovereign brand will be launched with the stunning and long lasting white rose variety called Icebreaker. The Icebreaker rose will be packaged in a classy Sovereign brand sleeve to help its positioning in both trade and retail displays.

The Icebreaker rose has already carved out a strong market position with discerning Australian florists who are seeking a large headed premium white rose with excellent vase life.

“Icebreaker is the perfect launch variety for our new Sovereign brand due to its premium quality, reliable supply 52 weeks of the year and long lasting attributes in a variety of floral design applications” said Adrian Parsons, Wafex Director.

The Sovereign brand is the perfect option for life's big occasions: from the once in a lifetime wedding to that big corporate launch or for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

WAFEX are currently trialing 2 new rose varieties and 3 unique and high value native flower crops for potential inclusion under the Sovereign brand. In time the Sovereign brand will comprise a stable of high value, premium flower varieties that discerning florists will come to rely on.

WAFEX will provide a range of marketing support programs for the Sovereign range including trade advertising and public relations, installation of a high profile Sovereign flower merchandiser at select wholesale florists throughout Australia and regular Sovereign promotions to build the brand profile with Australian florists.

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