"Flower supply goes in house" - Emma Field, Weekly Times Now

Friday, 27 January 2012

"Flower supply goes in house" - Emma Field, Weekly Times Now

WAFEX farmer manager Herman Van Loon on the Longford property with a NSW variety of festival bush.FLOWER wholesaler and exporter Adrian Parsons has a whole lot more respect for farmers and their production issues. Because he has recently become one himself. Mr Parsons and co-owner, Craig Musson, bought a 28-ha farm at Longford, near Sale, in March 2010 to shore up supply for their flower company WAFEX.

The company sells mainly native and wildflowers locally and overseas and sources fresh flowers from major production areas all over Australia. "We had concerns over our long-term supply base," Mr Parsons said. "Our growers were not expanding or investing and (they are) getting older."

Although Mr Parsons has been involved with fresh flower sales and marketing since 1987, this is the first time he has had a role in production and it has been an eye-opening experience.

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