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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Latest News From WAFEX

Craig Musson picking WaxflowersWelcome to the first edition of our newsletter, bringing you all the latest news from WAFEX Australia. Every month we will provide you a detailed update of new crop developments, seasonal specials, staff profiles and updates on various crops being grown at WAFEX farms around Australia. We look forward to your feedback and suggested areas you would like profiled in future editions.
Paul Wilson, General Manager WAFEX MelbournePaul Wilson General Manager WAFEX Melbourne
Paul has worked at WAFEX Melbourne since 1998 and has been promoted through a variety of roles across production and sales. Paul has been General Manager at WAFEX Melbourne since 2010 and oversees a team of over 30 staff across sales, production and administration departments.
Paul says “..... there are never 2 days the same at WAFEX! It is a very dynamic place to work and the pressure to stay on top of the needs of our customers and growers keeps me on my toes...”
Outside of work Paul likes to spend time with his family, swimming and is a mad keen Essendon Football Club supporter. It is very rare for Paul to miss a Bomber’s home game.
FLOWER OF THE MONTH – WAXFLOWERAs we enter the middle month of the Australian winter we will now be receiving good supply and excellent quality Waxflower. A combination of lengthening days and improved temperatures from our west coast growers provides the optimal conditions for flower development in a range of August flowering varieties such as Hybrid Pearlflower, Moonlight Delight, Purple Pride, Sarah’s Delight and Revelation. Please contact your WAFEX sales representative to discuss August shipping programmes for quality Australian grown Waxflower.



Longford Farm,Gippsland, Victoria


Longford Farm,Gippsland, VictoriaSince taking over this farm in March 2010 WAFEX has invested heavily in replacing old and low yield crops, an extensive re plant programme, some targeted crop rejuvenation pruning programmes – as well a major overhaul of the farms irrigation and fertilizer systems. For the forthcoming 12 months we have plans for an additional 20,000 new plantings which will keep new manager John Campbell and his team very busy. Current winter crops being harvested at Longford include Banksia coccinea, Serruria Blushing Bride and a range of Leucadendrons including Reiwa Gold, Inca Gold and Laureolum.

Harris Farm, Regansford, W.A. Harris Farm, Regansford, W.A.WAFEX leases a flower farm at Regansford which is about 1 hours drive north from our Perth packing facility. Major crops on this farm include Scholtzia, Banksia hookeriana and a range of Waxflower varieties. The Harris farm features a lot of wax plantings in exclusive varieties sourced from Wafex’s sister company Helix Australia. These varieties are now in full flower and include Moonlight delight, Dancing Queen, Sarahs  and Chantilly Lace with other varieties to flower at a later stage.

UPDATE FROM HELIX AUSTRALIAHelix logoEstablished by WAFEX Directors Craig Musson and Adrian Parsons in 2008, Helix Australia specializes in the sourcing and promotion of new and unique varieties of Waxflower for both cut flower and pot plant production. Helix Australia has already released 8 varieties of Waxflower onto the global market with many new releases planned for the coming years. Helix Australia has established a network of cut flower and pot plant licensed growers in South Africa, Portugal and Israel and its varieties are gaining a dedicated following across cut flower traders and nursery/landscape gardeners across the world.

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