"Commercialisation of Western Australian Beauties" - Passion to Profit

Monday, 3 September 2012

"Commercialisation of Western Australian Beauties" - Passion to Profit

Waxflower bushes growing and WAFEX's Craig Musson harvestingThe Geraldton Waxflower is a popular flower used by florists in cut-flower arrangements. Although it is widely available across the globe at this time, the plant is native to Western Australia where it grows as an evergreen shrub in gardens, and along roadsides. It is considered to be one of Australia’s most famous wildflowers, and this popularity has spurred the development of plants with many different colourations (white, yellow, pink, purple, lilac, and bicolours).

Craig Musson and Adrian Parsons have been business partners for more than 20 years. With a business arm in Western Australia, and another in Victoria – Craig and Adrian’s company WAFEX is one of the largest exporters of Australian grown wildflowers, including the Geraldton Wax. In recent times WAFX has recently entered into two commercialisation and research projects with government bodies – both related to waxflower breeding and commercialisation.


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