"Where the Wild Flowers Grow" - Enterprising Gippsland

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Where the Wild Flowers Grow" - Enterprising Gippsland

Wildflowers in springThe popularity of native Australian flowers as cut flowers has grown in the past decade and a farm at Longford is supplying boutique bunches to an increasingly demanding market locally and overseas.

On an elevated 70 acre site overlooking the Gippsland Lakes system is the Wafex Flower Farm. For a traditional style garden the sandy soil and exposure to the sun and wind would be far too demanding, but for the selection of wild flowers that grow here it is ideal.

There are no frosty mornings, the drainage is great and the view over the Lakes is spectacular. The farm was originally set up by Dennis Tricks in the 80’s who had successfully exported flowers (mainly to Japan), but two years ago the mantle was passed to Wafex owned by Adrian Parsons and Craig Musson.

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