WAFEX Autum Update

Saturday, 16 March 2013

WAFEX Autum Update

WAFEX waxflowerMarch and April are the first  months of the Australian autumn which typically means the hot days of summer have passed and we start to see cooler evenings and lovely crisp mornings. Most of our key growing regions are still in desperate need of rain after a very dry summer period.

Our key winter and spring crops are putting on their last burst of growth before winter so irrigation and fertilizer regimes remain vital at this time to maximise stem length and quality for the forthcoming crops.
Morgan Roberts, Operations ManagerMorgan Roberts, Operations Manager, Wafex Perth

Morgan commenced employment as Receivals Manager  at Wafex Melbourne in 2005 and has since been promoted to the position of Operations Manager – where he oversees 8 permanent staff  and up to 25 casual workers in our peak period.

Morgan says “Wafex has undergone massive changes in my 8 year stint with a big push into automation in our production processes, adoption of Lean manufacturing systems to streamline our efficiencies and also a large investment in IT systems.”

Morgan continued, “When I started in 2005 everything was hand written and manual handling of our flowers was the standard. I enjoy the constant changes occurring at Wafex, constantly being challenged to look at new ways of improving my team’s productivity and a company culture that encourages risk and investment.” 

With 2 young children under 6 years of age, Morgan’s spare time is spent looking after his kids and being told how to mop the floor by his 6 year old daughter Emily. Morgan supports the Melbourne Victory soccer team where a he relishes a few pints amongst the Victory “faithful”.

Key wildflower crops available in the coming weeks include:-

Banksia Menziesii
Banksia Meszei
Protea Pink Ice
Leucadendron Laureolum
Leucadendron laureolum
Reindeer Bush


Harvest volumes are low at this time of year with small volumes of Banksia menszei, Protea Pink Ice and King Protea being picked.

Our Longford farm manager John Campbell reports the 2013 Banksia coccinea crop is looking superb and stem lengths on our Leucadendron Inca Gold have also increased following heavy pruning of this crop last year.


Harris Farm updateWafex leases an established native flower farm at Dandaragan, 1 hour north of our Perth factory. This farm was planted in the late 1980s and the established crops include Banksia hookeriana and Scholtzia involcrata. In recent years Wafex has planted over 20,000 new plants including the full range of Helix wax varieties in addition to new plantings of Banksia hookeriana, Regelia, Eucalyptus and Wooly Bush.

Visit this YouTube link to see Wafex MD Craig Musson explaining details of our Waxflower plantings at Dandaragan.
Wafex USA - Quality and PerformanceSteve Dionne, President Wafex USA reports a very cool and wet start to the Californian wax season that  has seen volumes being considerably down on a typical season.Valentine’s Day normally correlates to a large increase in Waxflower volumes but as early March volumes remain low. Nevertheless Wafex USA has had a very positive start with 2 months of steady trade in exports of Californian grown flowers to our clients in Asia and Europe.

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