"Waratah Ridge Launch" - Australian Flower Industry

Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Waratah Ridge Launch" - Australian Flower Industry

Waratah Ridge logoTo provide more crop supply, floral design and marketing information on its range of wildflowers, flower wholesaler and exporter WAFEX has launched an exciting new branding initiative called Waratah Ridge.

WAFEX’s goal is for the red and black Waratah Ridge logo to become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation in wildflower supply for the Australian market.

“Our wholesale florist customers are very busy in their day-to-day operations servicing Australian florists and we see the need to provide them with a branded marketing program to help grow their sales of wildflowers throughout the year” said Adrian Parsons, WAFEX Director and Marketing Manager.

“In addition, Australian retail florists are hungry for information on wildflowers, how to use them and what is their seasonal availability so that they can build strong retail offers for their discerning clients”

WAFEX is differentiating its wildflower range via the Waratah Ridge brand to enable Australian florists to make informed buying decisions on harvest stage, cool chain, postharvest, grading and ultimately vase life.

Parsons said, “The Waratah Ridge brand will help Australian florists identify quality assured wildflower crops for use in their shops. The featured Waratah Ridge wildflower crops will be branded via sleeves or Waratah Ridge bunch tags, boxes and bunch tape.”

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