Making flowers the gift of choice this Valentine's Day

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Making flowers the gift of choice this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day will fall on a Saturday in 2015, and this is often met with a variety of responses from industry members.

Most take a fairly negative view of the Saturday impact, lamenting the loss of sales to offices and CBD locations. It is often felt that Valentine’s Day romantics opt to send to their loved one at their workplace to make a public declaration of their love and making flowers the gift of choice this Valentine’s Day affection. Some pundits say the sending of flowers to a workplace also drives new purchases, as it prompts fellow workers to organise their own flower gifts. And a small percentage of the population may even argue that romantics with multiple partners prefer the workplace as a gift destination so as not to cause any conflicts on the home front!

Whilst the CBD florist is likely the most affected by a weekend Valentine’s Day, other flower industry members such as supermarkets, weekend markets and possibly online flower vendors would welcome this opportunity to increase foot traffic and sales volume on one of the biggest flower-giving occasions of the year.

This year one of the key marketing tools will be social media as a way of engaging with the high frequency Valentine’s Day purchasing demographic 20-30 years old or Gen Y. Social media marketing offers an efficient and effective way to stay connected with Gen Y and an insight into what may capture their attention and shape the opinions of this generation.

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