Hypericum from Ethiopia

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hypericum from Ethiopia

Sun Kissed Flowers is a Durtch based flower breeding and growing company specialising in "summer" flowers produced in the Netherlands. Wim Van den Hoogen and Bas Vloet laid the foundations of Sun Kissed Flowers in 1979 in Cuijk which is located in the south east of The Netherlands. Wim and Bas’ initial goals were to grow unique summer flowers that were different and of better quality than was already on the Dutch market. Sun Kissed Flowers main crops are hypericum,Veronica and Helenium. Willum Van den Hoogen, Sun Kissed Managing Director said Sun Kissed Flowers hypericum breeding operation is one of the most important parts of their organisation.

“There has been a massive increase in both the global production volumes of hypericum as well the development and release of new hypericum varieties in the past ten years.”

“.....We try to anticipate where the market is looking and identify where a product needs improvement......” said Willum.


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