November news from Wafex

Monday, 2 November 2015

November news from Wafex

November News from WafexStrong spring flower crops from our key Australian growers has ensured a very busy sales period for all Wafex offices. Our Melbourne office is in the middle of the spring horse racing carnival which culminates in the running of the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3 November.

This is called the “race that stops a nation” as we have a public holiday in Melbourne and all other areas of Australia stop work to watch this race at 3pm on the first Tuesday of November. The spring racing carnival drives a lot of flower demand with large events and flowers featured in race day fashions.

FEATURED CROP – KING PROTEA King Proteas are grown on a large scale in various regions of Australia. The peak harvest season is September until early January but there is smaller volumes throughout the year. King proteas are mainly harvested on 50-80cm lengths and make an excellent featured item in a native wildflower bouquet or larger arrangements when mixed with complimentary pink flowers. Our Longford farm harvest over 20,000 stems of King protea every season.

Key flower crops available in the coming weeks include:-

Banksia attenuata

Banksia speciosa

Flannel Flower

Kangaroo Paw mixed


LONGFORD UPDATEOur Longford farm is in peak production at this time of year with key crops including Waxflower Strawberry Surprise, Waxflower Dancing Queen, Flannel Flower, Banksia attenuata and King protea. Immediately after harvest our manager John Campbell switches into fertiliser and irrigation mode to encourage immediate regrowth on our crops for next season’s harvest.

Our Longford farm is also working on a flannel flower selection and seed propagation trial to develop an improved range of this popular Australian native flower. We are working in conjunction with Merricks Nursery who has successfully applied a pre smoke treatment to flannel flower seed which has greatly increased germination results.

Our selction process will focus on flower size, stem length for cut flower use and identifying compact forms for landscape/garden use.


As the Australian waxflower harvest winds down, the work does not stop at a breeding and new variety development level. Our research partners at Kings Park Botanic Garden, Perth, Western Australia are currently working with a variety of sophisticated tissue culture and somatic fusion techniques to restore fertility into second generation (F2)Waxflower hybrids.

Typically, first generation Waxflower hybrids are sterile. However, these techniques assist the doubling of chromosomes which will result in a very exciting selection of new hybrids. The increased (F2) fertility will increase flower size and colour variations/forms. Watch this space!!!!

Next week the global flower industry descends on Holland to attend two major flower trade shows. The International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair starts at Vijfhuizen and will run from 4-6 November.


In addition Flora Holland hosts a very large flower trade fair in the Aalsmeer flower building.



WAFEX Managing Director Craig Musson and WAFEX USA President Steve Dionne will both be in attendance at these shows and look forward to meeting with our clients and suppliers from around the world.

Perth Sales Representative
After immigrating with his family from South Africa, Stephen commenced employment at our Perth office in 2002. His initial role was to manage and co-ordinate our import buying programme from our Kenyan rose suppliers. In recent years Stephen has moved into our sales department where he manages sales into both our Queensland and South Australian markets.

“It takes a special type of person to manage the high pressure cut flower industry sales environment and I am proud to be part of the great team at WAFEX, many of who have been with the company over 10 years” says Stephen.

Stephen has 2 children, is a mad sports follower and lists his teams as Perth Western Force, West Coast Eagles, South Sydney Rabbitohs and Perth Wild Cats.



“Sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.”

– H.G. Wells, British author

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