Packaging Initiatives

Packaging Initiatives

With a constant focus in providing quality out-turn of WAFEX products in all export markets, the following packaging initiatives have been incorporated into WAFEX's export shipping program.

Ethylene Box Liner

ethyleneMany flower types produce a harmful ethylene gas by-product as they age. Flowers may also be exposed to this ethylene gas from other sources (e.g. rotting fruit, petrol exhaust fumes).

For flower types sensitive to ethylene, WAFEX lines the flower box with a clear plastic film that has been specifically developed to slow down the flower’s respiration rate, reduce the flowers production of the ageing ethylene gas and minimise the concentration of carbon dioxide inside the box.

In distant export markets where temperature build up in transport is a concern (e.g. Holland, Canada and east coast USA), out-turn of WAFEX flowers has been considerably improved by the use of these ethylene box liners.

Quality Card

quality cardAs part of WAFEX's Quality Assurance program and to improve traceability for all members in the distribution chain, all WAFEX packers include a sign Quality Card in all export flower boxes.

These Quality Cards have involved all WAFEX staff strongly in the quality receival and despatch procedures for all fresh and dried flower exports.


Temperature Recorders

temperature recordersTemperature Recorders A key component of WAFEX's Quality Assurance 9002 program is maintenance of the cool chain in all stages of the receival, despatch and transit processes. All WAFEX fresh flower exports are pre-cooled to 3 degrees Celsius prior to despatch. As a monitor and trace that air freight temperatures are being maintained within acceptable levels, temperature recorders are included in WAFEX fresh flower exports and temperature logs are recorded from time of despatch to time of receival in the country of importation.


Ice Packs

Available upon request, WAFEX is able to include frozen ice packs to help maintain transit temperatures on heat-sensitive products.