Quality Assurance

ISO9002 Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of your products

WAFEX undertakes full documentation of all relevant steps in the receivals, processing and despatch of fresh and dried flowers. This process ensures all areas can be traced 100% by WAFEX, and this information can be provided to customers.

WAFEX also utilises the QA system to monitor quality from our 200 growers spread throughout the country.

WAFEX's QA program covers such areas as:

  • Employment: Systemised searches for experienced flower professionals.
  • Training: WAFEX Staff are trained in all aspects of buying, processing and despatch of quality flowers and foliages.
  • Continuous Improvement: Daily monitoring of QA system with input sought from staff, customers and growers.
  • Internal Audits: Monitoring QA system matches daily receival/despatch logs.
  • Equipment Calibration: Cool rooms, temperature gauges, fumigation units.
  • Purchasing: Detailed grower specifications to match individual customer requirements.
  • Sales: Fully documented order system detailing freight, price, etc.
  • Receivals and Despatch: Temperature and quality logs on all received flowers.

Critical Documenting

WAFEX consistently document critical areas such as:

  • Harvest Date
  • Post Harvest Treatment
  • Temperature Logs (receivable, despatch and in-transit temperature recordings)

WAFEX Managing Director Craig Musson says quality certification is a key aspect of WAFEX's efforts to expand market share and increase customer confidence in our product.

"Since adopting ISO 9002 as our quality management system, WAFEX customers are now receiving a better product, a marked reduction in quality claims and a streamlining of our sales processes..." says Musson.
WAFEX Melbourne director Adrian Parsons acknowledges the valuable input staff play in the continuous improvement of WAFEX's QA system. "A key component of our QA system, is WAFEX staff contributing suggestions on areas of improvement to our handling, receival, processing and despatch systems," says Parsons.