Shipping Boxes

WAFEX's range of packaging has been developed to meet both the handling and marketing requirements of all flower trading markets throughout the world. In conjunction with our box suppliers, WAFEX has developed a range of functional flower shipping units made from 100% recycled paper which are suitable to accommodate WAFEX's large fresh and dried flower product mix.

Large Box (Box code LX) - 1050mm x 340mm x 230mm

lxThe LX box is our most popular shipping unit, with a cubic measurement of 15kgs. The LX box stacks 3 boxes per pallet layer and up to 24 boxes per pallet spacing.

Filler Flowers
- For filler flowers such as waxflower, thryptomene, agonis and rice flower, the LX box accommodates pack-outs of 25-30 units per box.

Stem Flowers - For stem lines such as Banksia or Protea, pack-out is in the range of 70-100 stems per shipping unit.


Medium Box (Box code MX) - 1010mm x 360mm x 140mm

mxThe MX box has an approximate volumetric weight of 10kgs.The MX box can be shipped 2 box per bundle and stacks 39 boxes per pallet spacing.

Filler Flowers
- For filler flowers such as Waxflower,Thryptomene,Agonis and Riceflower the MX box accommodates pack outs of 20 to 25 bunches per box Stem Flowers - for stem lines such as Banksia,Protea and Leucospermum, pack out is typically 50-70stems per box.


Small Box (Box code SX) - 1050mm x 340mm x 115mm

sxThe SX box is exactly half the size of our LX box and is traditionally shipped 2 boxes per bundle to reduce handling charges. With a 7.5kg volumetric weight, the SX box stacks 48 boxes (24 bundles) per pallet spacing.

The SX box is suitable for our full range of flowering and stem lines and is ideal for markets requiring a lower pack-out per box to facilitate rapid on-shipping to downstream markets such as wholesalers, retailers or mass market outlets.


Euro Carton (Box code EC) - 1140mm x 375mm x 375mm

euroThe EC carton is our major dried flower pack and is designed to fit European pallet size. This box packs 270 per 20ft sea container and 540 per 40ft sea container.

Typical pack-outs on the EC carton are 150-200 stems per box and 25-30 bunches per box.




Presentation Box

presentationThis consumer focused dried flower pack has been developed to showcase in a retail environment WAFEX's range of unique Australian dried flowers, nuts and cones.

Popular in both retail florist and gift shops, in addition to mass market/craft outlets, the WAFEX presentation box can also be branded for individual outlets and the clear cellophane cover showcases a mix of both natural and coloured Australian native flowers.