Since establishing in 1991 WAFEX has established a large and loyal customer base in all major flower markets around the world. WAFEX clients can be found in Japan, Germany, Swtitzerland, USA, Canada,The Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

In addition WAFEX has an extensive domestic customer base with wholesale florists and bouquet makers in all major Australian capital city markets.

WAFEX supplies a price and availability list weekly to all our clients detailing products available and the range of grades and packaging options available.Prices are quoted in CIF prices in the currency of your choice. For registered customers this weekly price list can be emailed or also obtained via password log in from our web site.

In addition to the strong relationships with our quality focused flower growers located across Australia, WAFEX also maintains close relationships with our freight agents and major airlines to ensure we can service our clients with the most direct and cost efficient freight option for their weekly fresh flower shipment.

WAFEX dried flower sales are all shipped via 20 and 40 ft sea containers.Our dried flower product range can customize packaging to your specific needs with services available including shrink wrap boxes, bar coding and pre pricing and branding with your own company logo.Large volume dried flower pack options also available for large distributors of this fast growing product range.

For all prospective fresh and dried flower customer, please contact WAFEX at and we will act on your enquiry immediately on our product and service offer.